Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Ok, let's start this blog off with a bit of cliche. What cliche you ask?? the cliche of saying sorry that i haven't blogged enough. I mean, seriously, starting off by apologizing for not blogging enough is about as expected as the facebook drama that you will inevitably encounter if you ever post anything about raising kids. you see, about two weeks ago @superchicktrish and I had our first baby. she's a gorgeous little girl named Ava and she is the smartest and cutest baby ever. she will probably win the miss USA contest, discover the secrets of cold fusion and find the cure for cancer before she graduates high school....well, those are my conservative estimates. here is a picture of my little princess - however, be warned. if you have a heart condition the cuteness of this little flower may cause you to go into cardiac arrest.

well good morning!! ok, i'm assuming that whoever is reading this had to put the computer down for a day or two in order to recover. anyway, speaking of babies and social media, baby pictures are a great way to increase your number of followers on facebook/twitter/whateverotherthing you're into. so if you really need to up your followers/friend requests, just have a baby. it's that simple!

ok, i'm going to need a moment to contemplate whether some kids out there are actually going to take my advice and get pregnant. so while i do that i'll let you know what else i've been up to.

Of course i've been playing for Stellar Kart as i have been for almost two years now. most of the winter has been spent flying around the country playing shows and trying to talk our way into the delta skyclub without having to use a pass. the last month or so we've been on tour with Me In Motion and Finding Favour while also filling in on some Revolve Tour dates. Jamie Grace has been on the Revolve shows so of course we asked her to come sing the Princess Jasmine part of A Whole New World.

in addition to all the SK touring, i was able to actually do a whole tour with my wife's band Superchick. I got to fill in on guitar for a west coast tour where we went through Montana, Utah, Nevada, California and about 6 shows in Arizona. seriously. it was practically the Arizona tour. it was actually good timing cause i got to be on the road with my wife while she was 7 months pregnant. and let me say she is a trooper for traveling on a bus with a basketball sized baby in her bee-yella. and if you don't believe me, here's proof:

and of course, when it rains, it pours. in that same time frame Tricia played about 15 worship nights for her solo project. i play guitar for her on those as well. let's just say i've been pretty busy playing over the last couple months. and by the way, let me insert a bit of shameless self-promotion. ever since tricia's worship record was released last june we've been playing worship events whenever our schedule allows and it's actually been going very well. if you are interested in having Tricia perform a worship night or just come to your church to lead worship, send an email to booking@triciabrockmusic.com

ok, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the studio side of things. obviously i haven't spent much time recording, but in the past month i've been focusing on new music for Stellar Kart. by the way, i have two new additions to my studio that have made a HUGE difference in the overall vibe - and neither of them have anything to do with gear. the first is a nice leather couch. first of all, it's wayyyyy more comfortable than what i had before, and secondly it's actually changed the acoustics of my control room for the better. my low end is a lot tighter and more manageable with it. the other new acquisition is an electronic dart board. i know this sounds stupid, but me and @adamagee and @jeremihough play all the time. and part of what makes a studio a good studio is the vibe it creates. the more comfortable, relaxed and creative a person feels, the better the recording will turn out to be. i'd rather have second rate gear with a good vibe than the best gear with a horrible vibe.

anyway, the new SK stuff is actually pretty exciting. everyone we've showed it to is pretty stoked on it. i'll let you know more as it happens.

so that's what's been going on. i'd like to write more, but Billy Madison is on TV and i'd kinda rather watch that than write. soooooooo, see you all later.


Unknown said...

Can you get a Stellar Kart, Superchick, Philmont Tour together?? Oh and then come to Wisconsin and play?? Then I can cross that off my bucket list, the ideal concert for me!!

Anonymous said...

Babybombs is da bomb! (ya'll say that in the Americas yeah mate?) Soooo happy for you and Trish, come to Australia again, bring Trish and Ava and SK with ya! Your little family is in my prayers mate, Ava is adorable, and is blessed with 2 very cool Godly parents, God bless all 3 of you - innie :)

Uncle Dale said...

This comment is for anyone reading the blog. I would like to corrborate Nick's claims of how cute baby Ava is. She's stinkin' adorable, despite who her father is.

Sometimes you have to take the claims of cuteness with a grain of salt when they come from the father, but not in this case.

I am here as a public service to back up the claims of cuteness as an impartial agent of truth. You can trust me.


Proud and impartial, Uncle Dale...

(My impartialality is currently under review.)

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